TPU: Shiloh & King

TPU: Shiloh & King

Since we have moved to Billings, our volunteering efforts are pretty easy to see. When we handed out bag lunches it was obvious that we helped who we ran into, and another really easy way to change your neighborhood is to roll up your sleeves and get out there and pick it up. Our very own CITO without the CI, just TO. haha Thats a little Cache In Trash Out joke for any non-geocachers out there. :)

We picked up some equipment from Bright and Beautiful Billings and were able to setup a meeting and get the grabbers, vests, and bags. There is a pickup option but since we had the van we just took it to the garbage once we were done.

We picked up about 40 pounds of stuff, including a towel, a shoe, and every type of litter. We also swept up the glass that we had to avoid every time we rode by so it doubled for us as riders and to clean up the pathway.

UPDATE: A year later and it still looks a lot better and glass free on the path, so it looks like our efforts lasted a year. #GoodEfforts