Montana Rescue Mission: Kitchen

Montana Rescue Mission: Kitchen Duty

In giving back to our community, we volunteer at the local rescue mission for kitchen duty. When we were out on the road in Agatha we never had to look to far for our meals, but I know that making decisions about anything is a lot easier with something to eat first.

We have worked with some really great people, Sean is the main cook and he whips up some amazing things for people to eat, and the help has went from volunteer only to the people that stay there can work to help around the mission for chores. It's an interesting thought to be given the “opportunity” to wash dishes when you have nothing else. Mike which was there the first time handing out dishes, was picking up the next time.

I saw a man who did not want to get a hand out finally break down and realize that a warm meal is better than an empty stomach. I personally have gone without eating before because of pride and unwilling to accept help, so it was great to see him come back later that night and get something to eat. Food is needed, and I think everyone deserves it everyday.

If you have not, reach out to your local rescue mission, or get a group of friends and hand out bag lunches to the homeless, they are not hard to find and have always been very happy to see someone care enough to make sure they had something to eat. #givingback

*limited pictures, but I got this one of Cera*