Arbor Day 2017

Arbor Day 2017

Arbor Day is an annual event held by Billings Park and Recreation, Bright and Beautiful Billings, and a good selection of business around the area. Vendors that come out to display their trade for audiences. Volunteers from various local companies came out to help in any number of ways; everything was needed for the from crowd control, providing presentations like rope climbing, foliage identification and soil types to all the kids, each area was a bustle of action.

It's was a great way to get to meet other volunteers in the area; we have worked with Chris from Billings Park and Rec a couple times now, him and Audra (his wife). She helps Bright and Beautiful Billings, both do great things for the town.

We started out the day helping with parking, and making sure people found where to go to setup. Once the day started, we talked with Chris and he needed the day documented, and had no one since he was going to but was otherwise busy; enter Cera and I both photo-bugs. We gave them so many photos to use is was a little comical, but Chris was happy that we did so since he uses that information for the next years material. So job well done.

I think next Arbor Day, I will give Cera both cameras and get my hands dirty. I wanted to plant a tree or get in the dirt, but I have no doubt there will be time for that in coming years. Billings Park and Recreation does a lot of events around the town, so we always seem them and their efforts for Billings too. Billings is a great town for community events which directly helps public spaces.