Night Riders

Night Photography

When we first got to Billings, we both worked until 11pm, which made getting outside while the sun was out a lot harder and still get sleep. Riding after work quickly became a fun activity, and night riding holds its own bonuses that day riding doesn't afford.

The big one for us was car traffic, which is virtually non existent at midnight in Billings, MT. We got some lights for our bikes, and made sure that everything was set correctly, and we never had any issues. Cera was new to riding with traffic so it was an awesome way to get her comfortable with traffic. We were able to switch from night to day when our shifts changed, and it seemed just in time for us to take trips out into the country to longer rides.

I like riding at night, the environments it quiet and I have always enjoyed night photography over day, it offers some extra challenges to get the perfect picture. The sun is kinda cheating when it comes to provide “enough light” for picture (haha).

I will add cool night photographs that we come do in this gallery, so stay tuned. My schedule is all over sometimes so I get to sneak out for some rare photo opportunities when everyone else is sleeping. :)