Four Dances Recreational Area

Four Dances

Ride Highlights
Date: Sep 15, 2016

  1. Fastest MPH: 24.13 mph
  2. Average MPH: 8.76 mph
  3. Total Distance: 24.66 mi

Long distance was the goal and a wall answered, we almost stopped, almost, but we kept each other going. The day started out easy enough and in the highest of spirits that we would conquer the day and do it with relative ease; however the day had many surprised.

We got through the city traffic pretty easy, a couple of quick adjustments to make sure that we were not in traffics path. There is something about riding with highway and city traffic than just riding around your neighborhood, or even the back roads that we rode on. I-90 offered what it feels like when a vehicle can and do fly by at 65MPH+; it's a little nerve wracking at first but distance is your friend on that one.

We got past all the horrors of the madness of traffic and that put us at the bottom of a hill. You might notice that in the tracker of this journey, that we just biked out of a hole, and you'd be right; in our area, that is only half way. We went at the next mile like we went at the whole day, it felt like this hill went on forever; we both were busted down to 1st gear and almost not making it, desperately not giving up for each down-stroke of our peddle. I do not brag on how awesome we are, but we were some bike warriors for the non-stop action we pulled up that hill to the top. We just keep each other going.

Once we made it to the top, the plan went from Pictograph Cave State Park that day, which was 2 more hills like that there and back; which for either of us wasn't going to be done today. So we enjoyed a small picnic and got ready for the ride back. We got a cool fly over by a F-18 and got a couple snap shots.

On the way back, the route took us by a couple parks that I have not photographed for Google Local Guides. It's a open-community project that I participate in and do rather decent with my photos of locations. I am currently at 85 photos which isn't to much but over 840,000 hits for those photograph turns out to be the impressive feat. It's something I did for a year and turned out to be a good use of effort, so not if there is no good photographs of a location, I take them and put them up. Im trying to keep it under 100 photos to get me first 1 million hits. Just means people choose my photos to use when they are viewing the area via google maps and such; which to me that means what I do is functional and beautiful.

The day was a ride success for so many reasons, and got another good distance ride under the belt and on the books. *double high fives* for both of us.

We got many more adventures and rides ahead, stay tuned

I ran some video and put it together, no gopro stability yet, but it's my only disposable if anything happens. If you are offended by Freedom of swears, cover your ears because it was a wild day. haha Enjoy :) #FlipCam