BP Weekend Fun

Posted on DATE April 14-15th 2018

This was the first weekend that we got out on both days without serious punishment. MT has been rough this winter and not letting up. It's been the most snow we've seen since we've been here and that was from last years new record. We were very happy to get out and we mixed it up with a couple of parks that we have not visited in a while.

Saturday we went out to River Front Park; this is the same park we went to a couple years ago and were under attack from all the tics. We both were covered in those crawling creatures that were after our blood, but after a quick strip-down we got rid of them all and vowed never to return to the area (haha.. it really was dramatic). After a couple years and going when the weather was not prime for bugs, we found a way to enjoy the park without worrying about being under attack. We stayed on the paved roads while out riding, and I think that is the win. There are paths that we can travel back, but as soon as I mention the idea, I am reminded of just how many tics there were. We were able to pick up a cache that we hadn't before because it was being "protected" by a whole colony of Nope Flys (aka bees).

Sunday we went out to Phipps Park. We have not been able to visit this park since it was closed due to rock slides. It is a great vista and a nice push for the muscles because it's 300 feet straight up. Once you are up at top, the views really can't be beat in the area. You can see farms, Billings, and the rolling plains leading out to the Rocky Mountains; this is one of our favorite spots and I'm glad it's back in operation. We rode our bikes out there a couple years back, which put 17+ miles on a single day, which was awesome. The hill leaving gave me a really impressive MPH too. :)