Moving to Bootstrap

Posted on December 7th, 2017

How is Bootstrap to use? It's as easy as PIE!! is how it is. I dont get to say that very often when it comes to web development. The Bootstrap version 4 has been a dream so far with only a few edits that I had to do. If you are comfortable with CSS, HTML, and Java, the basic Internet pack of languages. With those, and the addition of PHP, anyone can pretty much accomplish any web project or website.

I had researched Bootstrap for a couple years and just never decided with it; I finally decided to go with it when WordPress failed me again, and I needed a better solution. I have a side project to see how low cost I could find for a web site or project, and this solution helps that out as well. A common limitation of a free site is ad's and file type regulation, and with Bootstrap neither of those issues are relevant.

I have not needed support yet, but it looks like the new v4 has good support, and previous versions have had great support forums and users. I have noticed that there are jobs offered for those who know Bootstrap completely. It looks like I need to master a new web development platform. :)

All in all, I am very happy with this solution and will continue to master all that is Bootstrap. There are some excellent resources available on W3 Schools and the Bootstrap v4 Documentation, but its is as simple as it gets for a open source solution.