Welcome to While Riding

Out Adventuring !!!

Catch our latest outings and adventures in this collection of memories; where our adventures are recorded and shared for everyones amusement and perhaps education. :)


Volunteering Efforts

Montana Rescue Mission Volunteering, Road-side Trash Pickup, Cache In Trash Out Events (CITO) for Geocaching, Refresh the Rims, Arbor Day, and all our general practices of caring and spreading.

GOALS !!!!!!

An overview of our goals for the year for riding distances, group and over-night rides, and volunteering we have set for us. Feel free to share our goals on Endomondo that we setup annually.

Our 2018 Goal Tracking

40 of 310
This goal is to ride 310 miles annually. This can be complete only by riding a bicycle outdoors.
22 of 62
This goal is to travel 62 miles annually. This can be complete only by walk, or hiking.

"A dream becomes a goal when action is taken toward its achievement." Bo Bennett, PhD